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Exciting News!

September 4, 2007

Let me start with bursting everyone’s bubble… nobody’s pregnant! But, there is still exciting news…

LBC is looking for a few good (younger) men to serve as deacons.  I have called all LBC men members in our class that qualify under LBC’s guidelines.  Of these guys, Michael Mathias and Mike White would like to step up and be servants to our church if nominated.  This is an opportunity to edify LBC in a huge way, which is EXACTLY what we were discussing how could we do just two weeks ago!

 So… if you are a member of LBC, would you guys try to make it to service on Sunday to vote for these guys if you think they live up to the criteria set forth by 1 Timothy 3? And if you do think they live up to that standard, then mention these men to friends and family.  I think both guys would do a fantastic job if nominated.  FYI, I am throwing myself into the mix as well, but only as a humble servant.  It would certainly be an honor and a privledge, but I’m not taking anything away from these guys.

After seeing those kids at church on Sunday, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about Jesus’ message to the disciples in Matthew, “The fields are plenty, but the workers are few.” I think it’s great our class is doing a little bit to foster workers for the fields here at LBC. Eventually maybe we could push this to fostering workers for the world!

– Devin 

– p.s. Give Mike and Michael a word of encouragement next time you see them!

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  1. Kathy Henson permalink*
    September 4, 2007 3:40 pm

    I swear! You think you are so funny with the “Exciting News”. 😉

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