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Scripture Memorization

February 5, 2010


I’ve been on a scripture memorization kick for the last few weeks.  Teaching Sunday school has really pushed me to not only know more of the bible, but to recall where certain verses are in the bible.  Knowing your bible is so practical when you are having conversations with believers and unbelievers.  It really helps when you are discussing a bible topic and you can quote verses that illustrate your point!

So, I’ve made a little challenge for myself to memorize at least 100 verses before my birthday (April 22).  I dunno, I probably know 50 or so random verses already (?) so I should only have 50 or so to go.  My goal may be way too low (or high – I have no idea…) so I might adjust on the fly, but for now I’m going for 100.

What inspired this was watching a YouTube video of a few pastors I respect a lot quote a sick amount of scripture from memory. Take a look:


John Piper quotes Romans 8 (awesome!) –

John Bloom quotes the book of Hebrews –


John Piper quotes the book of Philippians –


Sam Crabtree quotes the Sermon on the Mount –


My approach is going to be to memorize some small passages, maybe one big chunk of a great chapter in scripture like Romans 8, Galatians 4, John 3, etc., and maybe 20 or so random verses I use often.

 ***If there are any takers, I would love some fellow competitors with the 100 verse challenge (or a modification of where you are in your walk – 50 verse challenge, 150 verse challenge, or 10 verse challenge)!!


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