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Bible Reading Plans

October 18, 2009



In Sunday school today, we talked about some different plans for reading through the bible in a year (see the link below).  It is very difficult to start in Genesis and make it through Revelations. These plans all do a good job of approaching the task with with a different focus.  If you’ve ever had the ambition to read through the entire Word, hopefully this resource can help!


Justin Taylor compiled all of these plans from various resources; I am simply passing it along.  Justin maintains a blog for The Gospel Coalition which is a group of around 50 or so pastors. Some of these pastors and authors you know well; Buster Brown (the pastor at East Cooper Baptist in Charleston – which some of you guys attended as well as myself), Mark Driscoll, John Piper, DA Carson, etc. etc.


*One quick plug – There is one link in particular you can find where it will actually email you the chapters to read each day, or you can read each day on your smartphone (Blackberry, Iphone, etc.)!



– Devin

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