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Posting on the Blog

February 10, 2008


Hey guys.  I just wanted to remind the old folks and tell the new folks that anyone is welcome and encouraged to post on this blog. 

Anytime you read something interesting, learn something cool, know of an event coming up, have a prayer request, or even have some question and you want input from others, you can put it on the blog.

*It’s not scary to post, and if you need help Jeffrey or I can help with how to do certain things!

Here’s how to be able to post:

  1. Call or email me or Jeffrey (me: or 920-5599). – either Jeffrey or I have the ability to sign you up (there’s an authorized list of who can post)
  2. We give access, then when you login to wordpress, there’s a blue bar across the top of your screen that says ‘New Post’.
  3. Click ‘New Post’ and fill out a blog entry, click ‘Publish’, and *presto*. You’ve done your first post.

So, go ahead and let me or Jeffrey sign you guys up, even if you don’t have anything to post right now, so that when a thought hits you, you’ll be able to post.  I’m looking forward to what you guys have to share!

– DH

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