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September 30, 2007

I never knew how much time I used to have until I started working.  I just realized I haven’t updated anything on the blog since August 20.  Wow! Time flies! 

So, since the last time, we have found out that the Glovers are having a little girl in February and the Whites are having a little boy in January.  Chris and Hannah Lampman have joined our class and we had Kevin and Susan Woods visit today.  We are so excited that you guys have joined us.  

 Church Directory:  If you didn’t get a chance to sign up to get your picture taken for the church directory, visit this link to find out more info and call the church office to set up an appointment.

Global Impact:  October 9-15.  We’ll fill you in with all the details Sunday. 

Prayer Requests:

       Remember to continue praying for our new pastor.

       Anthony is out of town for the next few days, so keep Jennifer and Maria in your prayers while he is gone.

       A friend of Carolyn’s, Adam Puckett, died in a wakeboarding accident last week.  Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

       Don’t forget to pray for Lauren and Ashleigh and the little ones. (pray for Cameron and Mike too!)

       Jamie has shared some with us about the troubles with the little boy in her class.  He is going to another teacher’s classroom this week.  Please pray that he will do well.

       Susan Woods is going back to work full time this week.  Pray for her as she has to leave her little girl, Laura, for the first time.

       Global Impact – pray for the missionaries coming to share with us.

       Dan Wackerhagen left Monday for Iraq.  He will be gone for 15 months.  Please remember to keep Erin in your prayers.  She will be home next weekend and then in November for the birth of their baby December 16.  They are trying to get a video feed to Dan, so pray all the technicalities get worked out. 

I hope you guys all have a wonderful week!  Enjoy this beautiful fall weather! 

Love,  Kathy

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