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August 20, 2007

Hey everyone!  We are so glad to be back and it was so great to see all of you today.  Cameron, thanks so much for sharing your gift of singing with us today during worship.  “Who am I” is such a wonderful song.  I loved it!

I completely forgot about the “T” verse today.  Let’s have them for next week.  We will do it first thing.

Prayer Requests:

       Michael and Madelyn made it back safely from Texas.  She has two weeks left at her job before she starts her new job with the school district.  Pray for her that these next two weeks will be a good end to her time at her current job and that she will leave on a good note.

       Continue to pray for the new pastor coming to preach at the end of October.

       Remember to pray for all teachers and students as they begin school this week.

       One of the little boys that Ashleigh works with is 9 years old.  He has cancer and isn’t going to make it much longer.  Please pray for him, his family and the doctors during this time.  Also pray for Ashleigh.  I can’t imagine what a difficult job this must be.  And…don’t forget to pray for the baby!

       Anthony’s sister has leukemia.  She is apart of a new drug trial.  Pray that this new drug works well.

       Remember to also pray for Lauren and their baby.  

More info and Upcoming events: 

Check out this link for the Crisis Ministry’s food needs.  I am going to call them this week and see what their needs are, but this list gives us an idea of what they need.  Do any of you have a preference on the food we adopt? 

Next Sunday we are getting together at Cortney and Jeffrey’s house.  She will email and post more details later this week.  They are providing pizza and we need to bring drinks and whatever else!  Hope you all can come! 

LBC golf tournament is Monday, September 10.  If anyone wants to play, you have to register by Friday.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!   

Love,  Kathy 

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