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We’re back!

August 13, 2007

Hey friends!  We had a wonderful time in Washington.  We missed seeing you all the past two Sundays.  We are excited about being back.  We want to thank the Broadwells for leading Sunday school today.  Next week we will cover chapters 19-21 in Love and Respect. 


        Madelyn and Michael – She just got a new job with the school district, however it is part-time.  Pray that this will become a full-time position soon and that in the meantime, she can find something to supplement her working part-time.  They are also leaving this week to visit her family in Texas.

        Jamie and Shaun – Isabella’s eye is bothering her.  Pray that the eye drops will make it better.  Also, Shaun’s sister’s husband, Scott, lost his job.  He is looking for a new one all in the southeast. 

        Cortney and Jeffrey – One of her cheerleaders, Cheryl, quit cheerleading this week.  She said it was because of some family problems.

        Remember to keep Lauren and Ashleigh in your prayers as they are pregnant and it is soooooooo incredibly hot!

        Also pray for our church and our future pastor.

        Please pray for Cortney, Jamie, Devin and me as we are getting ready for school to start.  (Teachers go back Wednesday and the students come next week!)

 Prayerwalking our Schools – Saturday August 18 at 9:00 our church is prayerwalking our local schools.  Let me know if you’d like to meet me there! 

Promise Keepers – Guys, if any of you would like to post, we’d love to hear about how Promise Keepers went last weekend.  Devin said Friday was GREAT! 

Ladies:  Bible study this week is at Corney’s house at 7:00 on Tuesday.  We are reading chapters 10 and 11 in The Power of a Praying Wife.  Hope you all can come!  She lives at 262 Melann Pass in Cunningham park off of Hwy 1.  (a few houses down from me!)  Also, don’t forget about the Intimate Issues conference coming up in 2 weeks! 

Breakfast:  Thank you for volunteering!

  • 8/19 – Hudson
  • 8/26 – Mathias
  • 9/2 – Henson

Our verse this week is a T verse.


Mark your calendars!  August 26 we are having a get-together at the Broadwell’s.  More info to come!


Hope you all have an awesome week!  See you soon!

Love,  Kathy

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  1. Cortney permalink*
    August 13, 2007 3:44 am

    Kathy, you are so on top of things! 🙂 We’re glad you are back too! 🙂

    Jeffrey and I will figure out the details for Aug. 26 this week! 🙂 And let everyone know next Sunday! 🙂

    I hope that everyone has a great week! 🙂

    –from the commenter 🙂

  2. Cortney permalink*
    August 13, 2007 3:45 am

    sorry about all the smiley faces…i will try to tone it down from now on!

  3. winnk permalink*
    August 13, 2007 6:38 pm

    you are too funny!

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