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July 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Michael & Madelyn yesterday and Rachel & Matt Tuesday. 

August Birthdays:  Jeffrey – 8/29, Matt – 8/22, Daniel – 8/15. 

“Love and Respect” – Thanks to Mike for leading the last section for the guys.  Devin and I will be out of town the next two Sundays. L Rachel will be leading next Sunday and the Broadwells have the next week! (Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!)  Here’s what you’ll be covering:    8/5 – Chapters 15-16 and      8/12 – Chapters 17-18  ***We will miss you! 

 “Power of a Praying Wife” – We are still meeting on Tuesdays at 7:00 at the Wired Bean. 

“Mere Christianity” – Guys, check out the tab on the Blog for updates. 

Ladies, if you are interested in Super Supper, let Jamie know.  ( 

Breakfast – (Let me know if you can bring breakfast any of these weeks!):  8/5 – 8/12 – 8/19 – 8/26 –  

Promise Keepers – This Friday and Saturday!!!  If you have any questions, check with Mike.  (He has a few FREE tickets!) If you are in town, you should really think about going! 

Memory Verse T next week. 

Intimate Issues for ladies is coming up August 24-25.  Get your tickets now! 

The church golf tournament is coming up September 10.  You can register at the church.  It’s only $40 for a lot of stuff! 

Have a great week!     ~Kathy

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