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The Heart Set Free 2.0

June 14, 2007


“If anyone was wondering about that title of the post it comes from a book by F.F. Bruce called “Paul: The Apostle of the heart set free.” I added “love” because it tied into what we’ve been talking about on Sunday. However, there are more reasons that the heart is set free (i.e. our hearts are free to become slaves of righteousness). Free to be a slave…yep. If you remember from the last post what grabbed my attention was the fact that Paul wanted to become a fellow partaker in the Gospel. The conclusion that Piper arrives at is this, and in loving people like this we prove the reality of our own faith and confirm our participation in the gospel.” I made that comment in class about love edifying the “lover” and the “loved.” It seems to me that not only does the “lover” get joy by seeking it in the “loved,” but also “proves the reality of his/her faith” and we “confirm our participation in the Gospel.”

I’ll leave you with a quote from Bruce’s book: 

Paul Certainly knew the love of Christ to be the all-compelling power in life. Where love is the compelling power, there is no sense of strain or conflict or bondage in doing what is right; the man or woman who is compelled by Jesus’ love & empowered by His spirit does the will of God from the heart. For (as Paul could say from experience) “where the spirit of the Lord is, there the heart is set free.”

 (Emphasis mine)  

So back to our example of the man who has just finished cutting his grass and is in his garage at his frig when sees his neighbor in her yard and knowing that her family has a history of alcohol abuse, he then forgoes the beer for a bottled water because he knows how alcohol is a stumbling block for her. Now here is the kicker. Being compelled so; the man does it with no “sense of strain” no “conflict.” He does the will of God from the heart and so proves the reality of His faith. He is a “fellow partaker in the Gospel.” I’m nowhere within ten billion miles of this. May God make us these types of people to the glory of His grace.


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