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It’s been a while…

May 31, 2007

Hello!  I am so sorry that it has been two weeks since I have posted stuff on here.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  I will try to keep this updated weekly. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We missed many of you last Sunday.  Hope to see you all this week! 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Kathy – My grandmother is still in the hospital at Chapel Hill.  Unfortunately, she has a kidney infection and some fluid on her lungs.  Her neck is healing though.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for her during these next few weeks.
  2. Jessica Ryan (who went into labor at 31 weeks) is at home.  She is on complete bedrest.  The cause of the early labor the doctors think was due to a bladder infection.  Now, let’s pray she makes it to 40 weeks!
  3. Praise:  The Whittington’s made it back safely!  Also, the Whittington’s have an unspoken prayer request for Carolyn’s family.
  4. Cortney:  Please continue to pray for her friend Katie who had gastric bypass surgery.  She is still healing and has already lost 17 pounds!
  5. The Whites have an unspoken prayer request.
  6. Rachel started back to work.  Pray for Greyson, Matt, and Rachel’s adjustment to this and also, they may be closing soon on their house.
  7. Continue to pray for Cameron’s mom who is recovering from breast cancer.  I’m not sure if she has started yet, but she is also going to have to go through radiation. 
  8. Lauren’s sister had nose surgery.  There was a problem with her septum.  Please pray for her recovery.  Also, Lauren’s hand was bothering her.  Please pray that it is feeling better.
  9. Jamie’s friend Tiffany is 36 weeks pregnant.  Pray everything will continue to go well. 
  10. Madelyn’s friends Doug and Shelly Fears are missionaries in Khazakstan.  She just found out she has breast cancer.  Also, Madelyn’s Uncle Michael is coming back from Iraq.
  11. Remember to pray for our church during this time while we are looking for a new pastor.
  12. Also, please pray for the McCloy’s and the team from our church who are traveling on a mission trip to Africa.

If I forgot anything, please let me know!

This week’s verse letter is OGood Luck!

Devin and I are bringing breakfast this week.  Look at your calendars so we can sign up again this Sunday.

Ladies, we are continuing in The Power of a Praying Wife.  We will be meeting this Tuesday at 7:00 at the Wired Bean.  We will be reading Ch. 3 on finances.  If you haven’t been coming and you can, we would love to see you! 🙂

PAR 3????  So far, Daniel, Carolyn, Devin, and I are going to the par 3 sometime soon.  Would anyone else like to join us?  (Trust me…you don’t have to be Tiger Woods (or Michelle Wie) to come and play!)  We just want to have fun! Let us know on Sunday.  We’ll try to set a date!

Well, that’s about all I can think of.  Hope to see you soon!

 Love,  Kathy

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